Friday, 22 April 2011

mirror mirror in my bedroom, who will be the highest jumper in the world ? is it me ? my friend ? or somebody else ?

i seek in my deep heart and still wondering . am i gonna get what i want ? can i have what i've dream ? will i get happiness at the future? come'on wake up dude . maybe iem not perfect but i'll try to be the best compare with you . i hope for freedom and happiness . i'll get trough all my fantastic journey in front. thankie for all my supporter . wish me luck on this journey . the first thing is SPM, and then will be my true adventure . 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sweet seventeen Emma

     Today was Emma worst day ever :p . even stay dia stay dekat hostel  ktorg still boleh celebrate her birthday. happy giller that moment. of course laa sebab ramai my fren and my girlfie clebrate with us. =) sdey gilaa dekat Emma kena telor, tepong and air sejukk. haha . but she seem really happy . i never forget this moment . 
 btw, enjoy your new journey this year Emma .

my only one <3

the victim (Emma) :D

Sunday, 17 April 2011

15 April

i hate this date, u know why? 
ni laa tarikh aku tahu bong kena ****** dari SMTG. semua tanak story dekat aku sbb dorg tahu aku tgh exam . aku dapat tahu sbb ade laa sorg girls ni hantar txt dekat aku, thank you so much . =)  then, terus call Leena .bong, kaw jangan buad bestie aku semua sedey lagii. aku hope kaw jangan pindah. if aku dtg smtg ta boleyh lpk dgn kaw. tapi si Firaun tuh sial jugakk. ta dapat nk carikk point dgn aku. so, mmber aku ponn kaw buad. seriosly aku rindu giller last year punyer class. last year Azrin a.k.a Boy tukar skola. this year Aku masokk Teknik Klang. this time Adam a.k.a  Bong pulakk nak tukar skola. hm . aku just tanak 5 PKE3 to be upset again. seriously i miss u guys . you know what, you guys the best classmate  i ever had . =)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Exam First Paper

Exam first paper sumpah pening gilaa even just Bahasa Melayu . bangun tido 6.00 am siap-siap then pgy skola . da laa kena gune cap jari nak masokk attendence bangang gilla time assembly . cikgu tuh sajee nak students dia masokk Test lambat. cikgu stop talking nonsense pukul 8.30 am . dats time laa paper start, nk kemas class, bace buku and buat prepare skett (ape yang masokk kepale jea) then masokk class . arrggghhhh... serabot gilaa otak . malass jea nak jawab Test BM nii . da PPD punyer soalan terpakse buat .

lucky time recess nampak si DIA . hehe . okay balik mood . dari malass teross rajen. haha . 
balikk ruma prgy tution class at Kota Kemuning . play basketball for a while before class starts . lepakk mcD kejapp then masokk class Bahasa Melayu. cikgu dia memang terbaek. semua dia ajar kitorg faham . main snooker empat frame dengan Adun, Sapex dan Saufi . after that balikk ruma bukak lappy and onlinee. hee . 

3 April

Today memang gilaa.. lpk mcD Kota Kemuning from 3.00 am till 7.00 am Bad and Saufi . agak masokk aer laa . :p then having breakfast with Saufi Aziz and Nabeela Tasya at Aranda ta sangke aku drive :D . Saufi oder bende freak gilaa looks like Roti Canai tapi rase lainn . haha .

Me: ape tuh?
Saufi: try jea laa . sumpa sedap .
Me: belaa, kaw try dulu .
Bela: no thanks laa kawan . haha .
Me: hm . nmpaknyer aku laa kena try .
___ Try That Freak Thing___
 Me: yeah . sedap jugakk . haha .

first time makan makanan nii. haha . agak batakk kejap . HAHA . :p
dats all for today  bubye guys .=)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

I Love It

I love how I know where all his dishes are.
I love how I can walk into the kitchen by myself and grab whatever I want from the pantry or fridge.
I love how I can tell him I’m going to take a shower before even saying hello.
I love how his dog doesn’t bark at me, but barks at anyone else that comes over.
I love how I know where his makeup/ toothpaste/ guys “things” are located.
I love how I can grab her clothes, even socks, and just wear them and give them back later.
I love how when I spend the night I don’t have to bother getting ready in the mornings to look decent.
I love how I can dance around/ sing/ say/ whatever, whenever I want.
I love how we make devious and ridiculous plans to get back at all the bitchezz we know<3
I love how we can cuddle and be all over each-other without even a second thought of the chance of it being awkward.
I love how I can slide across her floor in socks.
I love how I feel more comfortable with his family than mine.
I love how I can tell him everything, because it’s usually just us two.
I love laughing at the most random, weirdest shit ever, so hard that my sides hurt.
I love telling him “I HAVE TO PISS, HOLD UP.” Then jumping off her bed to go pee.
I love how weirdly similar our home lives are.
I love how I can be myself.
me + you = friends

Thursday, 7 April 2011

one of the thing

argghh... teringin giller nak dapat camera lomo neyh . even bukan DSLR , tapi lebih kurang pitcha dia and tak mahal. :p banyak effect boleyh jadi. last weekend usha dekat UITM with  Saufi and Athin memang berbaloi. banyak giller promoter tuh story. HAHA . mmg FUN giller kalau korang ade. ini toycam yang bole snap pic .  pic atas ni Holga. byk lagi contoh Diana, Diana F+. aku try dapatkn bende ni cpat so, bole batak dekatt korang. haha . jgn jeles. btw, pray for me guys .

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I would..

If I could I would take away all your pain.. If I could I would stop all this rain that fills your inside and makes you doubt all this thas turning you inside out. If I could I would take you to a place where rivers of regret show no face. If I could I would erase the hurt with in making your eyes and heart smile again. If I could I would make you forget how it felt to feel your eyes wet. If I could I would shield you from all of this taking you back to that place called happiness. If I could I would wish you the perfect person who would never hurt you for any reason. If I could I wold calm your mind to keep this pain lost in time. If I could I would take everything you feel I would bottle it up so it could never be real I would hide it in the depest core of earth So never again would you ever feel this hurt.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Since that meeting
I think attending a
Like a strange feeling in heart
My heart is beating
Could this be my taste
Or vice versa
But I increasingly feel
There is love in my heart

I let love this show
Come to me
For you there is something
Makes me love you
I know thee was felt
Say the word to me
Do not let love go
This document is Almighty

Your attendance at this side
Changed everything
Happy when together
Dream when you're not
Could this be my taste
Or vice versa
But I increasingly feel
There is love in my heart

I know thee was felt
Say the word to me
Do not let love go
This document is Almighty
Believe in love

about me ;p

hey soul . actually blog neh baru je dirasmikan oleh president;p
lets start with the name,
my name is Izzat Sujan,
going 8teen years old and will married while 25years old tehee ;p 12 Febuary 1994,
S.P.M this year ;d
hehe, wish me luck yea?;p
nothing interesting about me. i'am just simple person ;p heheh
not a billionaire , not handsome like Brad Pitt , but kinda naughty person ;D