Saturday, 9 April 2011

I Love It

I love how I know where all his dishes are.
I love how I can walk into the kitchen by myself and grab whatever I want from the pantry or fridge.
I love how I can tell him I’m going to take a shower before even saying hello.
I love how his dog doesn’t bark at me, but barks at anyone else that comes over.
I love how I know where his makeup/ toothpaste/ guys “things” are located.
I love how I can grab her clothes, even socks, and just wear them and give them back later.
I love how when I spend the night I don’t have to bother getting ready in the mornings to look decent.
I love how I can dance around/ sing/ say/ whatever, whenever I want.
I love how we make devious and ridiculous plans to get back at all the bitchezz we know<3
I love how we can cuddle and be all over each-other without even a second thought of the chance of it being awkward.
I love how I can slide across her floor in socks.
I love how I feel more comfortable with his family than mine.
I love how I can tell him everything, because it’s usually just us two.
I love laughing at the most random, weirdest shit ever, so hard that my sides hurt.
I love telling him “I HAVE TO PISS, HOLD UP.” Then jumping off her bed to go pee.
I love how weirdly similar our home lives are.
I love how I can be myself.
me + you = friends

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