Thursday, 26 May 2011

Today is the day

  •  everything came up
  • Everybody show of
  • No more hide and seek
  • Different atittude
  • All girls become weird
  • Students make their moves
*yeah man, exam is over just now. holliday for two week . i loikee :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Diyana Sarif

one day i got one text message tell me that you get politechnic. erm electric engineering. wish you luck okay and do your best. i always support you from behind. <3 someday i'll beat you in electrical engineering. :) 
Don't look up just let them think
there's no place else you'd rather be in row
because  this road is all you will ever have

Monday, 16 May 2011


iem really Happy dapat meet Her mom yesterday. and just now we study togather. afternoon lepak onlinee at starbucks, then study lamelame and lunch dekat pasta. hehe :D we wanna get A+ for our SPM result. pray for us okay. we will be the top student in Teknik Klang . just wait for it people . :)

15 May

today was really awesome. being a photographer at Anizah Planet's Sports Day. Me, Saufi and Nabeela Ta'sya take their picture. haha . hopefully our picture makes everyone smile. that day memang letih gilaa. habes tuh ttdo dekat situ kejap while wait for Nurul Asyura . kinnda suprised because she brought her Mom. but iem really happy sebab her mom ajak datang ruma next time. yayy.. :p seriously that was my first time meet my girlfie's mother. i don wanna lose you Nurul Asyura Ahmad. you're my everything . <3<3

Sunday, 8 May 2011

about HER :)

OMG!! seriously suprised like see flying horse . my bestie Leena or Engku put her picture without wear vail. duhh, last year semua classmate nak tgk dy tak bg. then last2 dy letak sendiry. haha . actually saye da tertgk last year dgn amar. :D  btw, you looks more pretty without vail. but, just keep your pretty for your future husband . hope you'll find perfect guy for you someday . dont forget me bcouse i miss you much .

 with vail

without vail (fake faces)
true face must be hide :D

Saturday, 7 May 2011

get of from my life fucker. why u still disturb me? we had done for everything. never ever had any relationship anymore. are you clear for that? stop dsturbing my girlfie BITCH .

Happy Mother's Day

thanks mom because of you care, your pain your love , and many other else . iem sorry i cant give you the same thing. but i will try my best to get excellent result and be a brilliant man someday .

Monday, 2 May 2011


Don't look for love in faces, places. It's in you,
that's where you'll find kindness - Amme <3

Sunday, 1 May 2011

happening day

Saturday- went to PWTC with my bestie for a while then hang out BB. sorry to Wanie, ta sempat nak lepak dgn kaw. aku pgy meet Syerah, Atap and Along. next time aku bawak Daus skali. tp mmg FUCK giller tunggu monorail satu jam. tp at least dapat masokk. eyh, almost forgot i nampak Echaa a.k.a Si Kedingg. :p but she kinda busy that time. so malass disturb. jelous tgk syerah n atap. my girlfie ta dpt attend, pergii pulau pangkor with family. :(
Sunday- 9 o'clock da kluar ruma ade hal. hehe . malam ride dalam hujan pergii USJ. haha . esokk confirm semua demam. sorry sangad dear sbb ta reply ur text.