Saturday, 30 July 2011

Happy Ramadhan Day

pejam celik da sampai bulan Ramadhan. yang lepas sape takk ganti lagi. sorry to say. this tuesday addmath paper. mesti ngantokk gilaa . this year jom ramai2 puasa penuh . jgn curi2 makan suda. dont forget trial SPM lagii satu bulan. pray for me guys . (:

Thursday, 14 July 2011

F C U K ! !

why the internet so anoyying. i can log in my yahoo and my facebook again. WHAT THE... i feel wanna cry. hope she with me rite now. sumpa sedey gilaa . arrgghh... 

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Even everybody always talk about it. They always judge the book by its cover. I'm not the type of boy who like to interrupt in someone else relationship. Not the kind of boy who like to steal someone else happiness. Even, if I love the girl so much. I will not do that kind of things. Its stupid. i hate and afraid of being hurt and at one time, i've felt how it feels. So, i dont want other boys feel the same thing as i had felt before. The girl that i like, i miss and love deserve for the better. Beside, the boy deserve someone like her and i just know that he will love and take care of her more than i could do. Go to Hell the backstabber. you will get your own sadness. Thanks so much to my bestie who always support me from behind. i really appericiate it. Love you guys very much <3 <3

Happy Bornday to my Friends

Happy 17th birthday to Syazana and Liyana. All the best in your life. Do the best in your exam ya guys? thanks put the smile on my face sometimes. sorry i didn't buy any present. next time kita lepak i treat you guys. :)