Thursday, 20 December 2012


seriously today was my worst day. I didn't expected she would do that thing to me. If you're not willing to be with me why you just said that early and never take me as your special one. Then give some bulshitt excuse to breakup. Want focus study? Many other girls still can focus their study without breakup. I treat you like an angel but you treat my like nobody. Thank You S Much. Sorry to say laa if you want me to be friend with you again. Before this you did the same thing while my mom sick and I final exam. Then I gave you second chance you did that thing again while I had test JPJ. What the fuck.. Thanks to my friends that always support me from behind. I wish I can hug all them and lay down on their shoulder right now. But people said "There's thousand of flowers in this world, just choose the best and take care of it if you want" . Its a lie if said that I'm not sad losing her. But I cant do anything now. Tired with all your stuff with your ex. Only God knows what my feelings right know.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I wanna fixed everything. Everything that used to be something that mean the world to me. Things that all turn upside down in a click. Cracking, breaking and fall apart. I’m crestfallen. I somehow can’t handle this alone, I need your support, I need you to be by my side, I wanna be with you. Together. Why everything has to be in a complete mess when we can fixed everything in a step? Times please don’t fly so fast.. But I know. I cant stop times, I cant changes time, I cant turn back, I cant be someone that I used to be, I cant be with people that used to make me laughed. 
Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.


Tonight tottally bored. And I just reload RM10 just now, so I got free call for one hour. But I dunno why all my friends sleep early. Only several of my friends still awake like zombie. Tasya still busy with her stuff, so I dont want to disturb her. Let she settle her things first. Then I call Jama and Fane . Seriously I miss both of them event they not from same school. many memory that we built togather in SMTG and SMTK. Suddenly Shana called me, aww aww... how touched. she shared her problem like always, talk bout our memories at school and nonsense things. haha. Seriously you should had friend like her. Look at my phone its already 4am but I'm hungry like hell. So cooked fried rice. Lastly I called Raja Nurlina. I just know her, I mean just get close to her. I sympathy with her relationship with Zamie. She's nice seriously and she thinks I'm starians because I had friends at STAR. haha. What kind of joke is that. Maybe I'll make more friend with her after this. Thanks so much guys.  
A true friend sees the first tear, catches the second, and stops the third.

Raja Nurlina

Syahira Nadia

Fane Hamid

Siti Jamaliah

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Missing Her

To be honest, I do miss my soulmate. Event sometimes we quarrel about little things. Fight about something that we can solve if we both cooperate. Shut Up.. Sometimes i mad at her, But never ever hate her. Maybe other people did't understand how much she means for me. She already a part of me. I promise to myself, some fella and her that I'll never ever ever leave her behind. I'll always pick her up and teach how to stand again if she fall. Always you Natasya Athira Anuar <3 .

Always be apart of me 

New Future

Every year, month and day. Everything different. Things wont never be the same. Lot of things on earth will come and go. Either its new or old. Everything changes, in fact that was one of the thing that happens most of the time. We cant ignore, avoid and stop it. Its all beyond of our control. All we have to do is.. live our life to the fullest. How I wish I can turn back time. Is one of the wish that just wasted my time. Always. Things will never make a U-turn. Never look back and face the future. Regrets? In single piece of shit. Always. I regrets thing kinda a lot. All of us have something that we regret. But nobody can change the past. But we can change the past

Sunday, 16 December 2012


yesterday reunion for guys sekolah rendah. tapi sedih jugak sebab tidak mendapat sambutan. saya dan kawan2 hanya teringin nak jumpa semula semua. rindu much. aww aww. haha... sebab ajak guys je, so ktorg just buat event futsal, itu je paling senang sebab semua cita rasa lain2. be honest happy sangat dapat jumpa dorang. even yang dah lupa terus ingat balik. mengibau kenangan silam katakan. macam dugaan time nak buat event tetapi akhirnya berlansung di Triways futsal padang jawa

sumpah rindu kenangan ketika di Sekolah Rendah Islam Hira' . banyak kenangan manis, malu, pahit. orang cakap "bintang yang hilang pasti akan kembali suatu hari nanti" XD

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

i miss them

tadi Engku letak dp time sekolah. seriously tak boleh lupa memory time form 4. smtg. banyak sangat kenangan even just one year there. then bukak fb terjumpa video bersama cikgu2 praktikal. damnn. i miss them. now masing2 dah bawak haluan masing2. ada yang langsung tak contact how sad. seriously Semteg students are the best. i appericiate all the memory with you people <3 <3


tonight special date 12.12.12 but I'm totally bored over here. then i just check my follower. stalk them for a while. guess what i found. its Cheryl's blog. and i'm so touched. thank you so much pendejo. XD
she really miss me when i'm not around her. i'm sorry for everything. te extrano mas retardado Cheryl Nicholas 


Setelah sekian lama mengidam nak makan mcD. boleh pulak tadi member ajak lepak McD Telok Gadong.  dekat dengan rumah pon takpe. thank you guys. masuk air gila tadi even dekat mcD. haha. Naim, Nazrul nak balik hostel dah. Zamie, Imran masing balik rumah jauh. member punya pasal semua boleh settle betul ke takpe KATAKO. XD

Monday, 10 December 2012

Gunung Nuang

sumpah rindu nak lepak dengan dorang. happening gila time pgy gunung nuang. time on the way tiga2 kereta almost accident. bodoh punya india parking dekat corner. but thank God semua okay. just balik tuh semua penat and ada injured skett. 
maybe next time plan pgy singapore. hell yeah. hopefully berjalan dengan lancar.


Saturday, 1 December 2012


December comes again .
Thank God still breathing in this world .
Can see the blue sky , Hear birds chirping .

I miss her.
Miss our moment togather .
its a pain :(

I dunno why I cant feel heart of december .
Hey , its almost new year but i dont  feel like its a special month for me .

just enough to be grateful that I'm still alive .
Alhamdulillah , continue our journey .

dont look back, just face the future