Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Tonight tottally bored. And I just reload RM10 just now, so I got free call for one hour. But I dunno why all my friends sleep early. Only several of my friends still awake like zombie. Tasya still busy with her stuff, so I dont want to disturb her. Let she settle her things first. Then I call Jama and Fane . Seriously I miss both of them event they not from same school. many memory that we built togather in SMTG and SMTK. Suddenly Shana called me, aww aww... how touched. she shared her problem like always, talk bout our memories at school and nonsense things. haha. Seriously you should had friend like her. Look at my phone its already 4am but I'm hungry like hell. So cooked fried rice. Lastly I called Raja Nurlina. I just know her, I mean just get close to her. I sympathy with her relationship with Zamie. She's nice seriously and she thinks I'm starians because I had friends at STAR. haha. What kind of joke is that. Maybe I'll make more friend with her after this. Thanks so much guys.  
A true friend sees the first tear, catches the second, and stops the third.

Raja Nurlina

Syahira Nadia

Fane Hamid

Siti Jamaliah

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