Thursday, 20 December 2012


seriously today was my worst day. I didn't expected she would do that thing to me. If you're not willing to be with me why you just said that early and never take me as your special one. Then give some bulshitt excuse to breakup. Want focus study? Many other girls still can focus their study without breakup. I treat you like an angel but you treat my like nobody. Thank You S Much. Sorry to say laa if you want me to be friend with you again. Before this you did the same thing while my mom sick and I final exam. Then I gave you second chance you did that thing again while I had test JPJ. What the fuck.. Thanks to my friends that always support me from behind. I wish I can hug all them and lay down on their shoulder right now. But people said "There's thousand of flowers in this world, just choose the best and take care of it if you want" . Its a lie if said that I'm not sad losing her. But I cant do anything now. Tired with all your stuff with your ex. Only God knows what my feelings right know.

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